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About Your Coaches

Jenna Love

Certified Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Quantum Time Techniques

Hi. I’m Jenna Love! As a Love and Relationship Coach, I help my clients heal old relationship patterns so that they can experience radical self-love and healthy, extraordinary romantic relationships.

As a former love addict and codependent, I have devoted my life to guiding my clients in reconstructing their "relationship models".

We do this by tilling up the soil of their hearts, and planting soul centered seeds that bloom into a loving partnership

Results from one of Jenna's Client's...


Jing C. - Financial Research Analyst

Before working with Jenna I was having a lot of insecurities about who I am, and what I was capable of in my life.

With Jenna’s help, I was able to tap into a wealth of wisdom within me, and unleash my higher self.

After working with her I felt completely at ease, confident, and I fully understood who I was.

I would highly recommend working with Jenna in any capacity, she is an amazing coach!

Sat Amor

Certified Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Quantum Time Techniques; Certified in Energy Clearing from Satnam Rasayan & Chi Gong

Howdy, I’m Sat Amor! Nothing lights me up more than helping single people release the past, master their confidence, and attract an ideal mate with ease.

I too was once single and frustrated, and that is why I am passionate about helping single people heal from old patterns, and attract the partner of their dreams.

Now that I have been married for 7 years, I fully understand the spiritual practice of obtaining and maintaining a healthy relationship and am ready to share it with the world!

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Tah W. - Wellness Integration Coach

“I had some blind spots around my childhood programming. Sat actually dove in and held a safe space for me. And he didn’t let me be evasive. He was gentle and assertive. I highly recommend leaning into Sat.

My finances have expanded since working with him, my relationship with my wife has also expanded.

This guy is brilliant, wonderful, and caring. He knows NLP well and he leans in, in the way you need him to lean into you.”

Janet More

Certified Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Quantum Time Techniques; Certified in EFT; Certified Holographic Sound Healer

Hello, I’m Janet More! As a Dating Confidence and Connection Coach, I have been coaching singles and hosting singles events for over 15 years!

My mission is to inspire spiritual singles to ‘wake’ up to who they truly are so they can attract and date someone who’s aligned with their values.


I have helped hundreds of men and women to align their behavior with their most authentic selves and remove energetic blockages and untrue beliefs that were blocking them from attracting their beloved.

I look forward to assisting you on your dating journey!

Results from one of Janet's Client's...


Key P. - Transporation Engineer

"I had been a successful engineer for many years but when it came to dating,I didn't have much luck. These things come intuitively for other people but not me.

I took Janet's coaching and attended a singles event . I applied her connection techniques, and I met this really great woman! With Janet's on-going guidance, this lovely woman eventually became my wife!

Now I have a daughter and the family life I have always wanted!"

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